Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Australis Partners investment strategy takes a top-down approach around the high-impact macro themes that will shape the investment landscape in our core markets. We invest in growing companies driven by broader long term sustainable market trends. In the Pacific Alliance countries, we identify those trends as the emerging middle class, expansion of infrastructure and a competitive advantage in non-commodity exports.

Consumer demand-led growth

➢ Across the Pacific Alliance countries, rising incomes are creating a new class of consumers

➢ As the middle class expands and gains purchasing power, their consumption preferences move beyond the “basics” becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex

➢ Changing consumption trends are increasing demand for higher-value, discretionary goods and retail

➢ Consumer related-proxies such as health & wellness and education also experiencing increasing demand

➢ Stimulated by these trends, we see underlying opportunities for growth-equity in a variety of sectors poised to support the emergence of a greater middle class in the Pacific Alliance countries

Infrastructure-driven growth

➢ Expansion in infrastructure development throughout Latin America

➢ Improved quantity and quality of infrastructure promotes enhanced productivity, access and sustained growth

➢ Australis Partners will look to invest mainly in developers of such infrastructure rather than in single infrastructure projects

➢ In addition, we also seek to identify business sector gains derived from improved infrastructure and extended transportation links – roads, airports and ports

Non-commodity exports

➢ Competitive advantage of non-commodity sectors fueled by infrastructure expansion and access

➢ Sectors include specialized foods, specialized agribusiness and other non-commodity natural resource base businesses

Our differentiator

➢ Consistent, 15+ years experience investing in industries that are driving growth in Pacific Alliance countries

➢ Accumulated expertise in consumer-demand driven, infrastructure, natural resources and energy businesses

➢ Robust on-the-ground origination network within local business communities

➢ Value-added active management of portfolio investments to shape the strategic direction of our companies

➢ Demonstrated ability to deliver successful exits and liquidity for our investment partners